Easylux system

Easylux for industrial roof lightings are high performance products that can answer to different expansion rates of polycarbonate and metal sheets through the whole length of the roof slope.The installation connection details of EasyLux designed for every type of roof sandwich panel ensures fast, easy and safe installation without the risk of water exposure.

EasyLux system is the best product for wind, water and thermal loss problems. By its high thermal insulation, durability and UV protection

EasyLux system polycarbonate panels will give you the light you desire, safely and with the best quality/price ratio

EasyLux polycarbonate panels : polinet Brand

Dimensions: 1 m x 12 m Thickness: 30 mm / 40 mm

Layers: 6


Megalux system

MegaLux polycarbonate panels : Megalux polycarbonate strip is a system Integrated click without using any holes for screws In panels, including accessories, including sectors Snap-on covering and accumulating blame Together from the top that gives a tight locking of the panels 100% dust or water repellent added For the UL sector to seal the ends and beginnings of the walls with panels To resist the entry of the following within the five layers

MegaLux system :

Dimensions: 60cm x 12m

Thickness: 10 mm

Layers: 5

Brand: polinet Warranty: 10 years


Multilux system

MultiLux-549 : Polycarbonate profile for MultiLux . system With all kinds of facades and walls in factories Hangars, malls, and airports, to get
It has the greatest amount of lighting and thermal insulation Also, polycarbonate systems provide a great deal of Huge amount of electricity, especially in factories Huge and break-resistant

Multi-Lux System: polinet

Dimensions: 50 cm x 12 m

Thickness: 40mm

Layers: 9 Warranty: 10 years


Grecalux system

GrecaLux system : It is a 3-layer polycarbonate sheet that is installed with the sandwich panel. It is considered the economical solution.
To obtain good thermal insulation and good light permeability, one of its advantages is also to save electricity
Because of the transparency that reaches 75% and it works as a thermal insulator.

GrecaLux system's form as isosceles trapezoids provides the properties of high load resistance and thermal insulation,which makes GrecaLux polycarbonate panels capable of fulfilling requirements of any project. Through the wing and general structure

GrecaLux polycarbonate panels can be assembled with nearly all types of insulation panels. In addition,GrecaLux polycarbonate panels can be mounted on each other in the horizontal direction through the same structure, and wide lighting areas on sloped roofs and walls can be covered very easily and safely.

Grecalox system: polinet

Dimensions: 1m x 12m

Thickness: 8mm/10mm

Layers: 3 Warranty: 10 years


Newlux system

Newlux Polycarbonate Our company offers its customers Neolux from the finest international brands, the Polynet brand

What is NeoLux / NewLux It is a self-contained polycarbonate system because it is flexible and varied in its use and does not need any accessories. There is a duct in each panel that is installed with the other in an overlapping manner.

It is an anti-bacterial product that is distinguished from others in terms of providing a range of practical solutions and an attractive aesthetic appearance. Advantages of Neolux polycarbonate systems Weather resistant Doesn't need any accessories High light transmittance It consists of four layers Fire-resistant Ceilings and walls are installed Its price is cheaper than other similar systems Neolux polycarbonate system uses pergolas Shades car park celestial domes food stores drug stores Air-conditioned malls Corporate Bishop Factory ceilings garage awnings store ceilings Bishop of the Hangar Bishop of restaurants bank bishop Hospital bishop The roof of administrative buildings Swimming pool ceilings Airport lounge ceilings How to install neolux polycarbonate Polycarbonate systems,

not polycarbonate sheets, do not need accessories and are installed in an easy way, and there is a duct in each panel.

Neolux colors (transparent - blue - honey - red - gray - milky white)

Neolux: polinet

Dimensions: 25cm x 6m

Thickness: 16 mm

Layers: 4 Warranty: 10 years


Thermolux system

thermolux polycarbonate system : .Polycarbonate Thermolux 6 Layers Designer Cutters To provide lighting for industrial and commercial uses
And entertainment with all kinds of sandwich panels in The facades, ceilings, and walls seemed like windows and preserved temperatures as it provides better thermal insulation and protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun The increasing demand for high performance products led to a significant improvement of multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

ThermoLux is a new polycarbonate sheet The very high mechanical durability and excellent thermal insulation of the 6-wall structure of ThermoLux provide cost effective solutions.

ThermoLux polycarbonate panels have UV protection by the production method of co-extrusion.

The whole ThermoLux polycarbonate panel series o ffer high light transmission and are variable for di fferent color alternatives.

Thermolux system: polinet

Dimensions: 1m x 12m

Thickness: 40mm

Layers: 6 Warranty: 10 years


Polycarbonate Bio Color

Biocolor For walls and facades using the click system technology and the hidden screw, and each face has a color, as the first face has the color red, fuchsia, green, blue or yellow, and the color of the other face is fixed, milky opal.

Polycarbonate Biocolor Bio Color Italian

Dimensions: 50 cm x 12 m

Thickness: 40mm

Layers: 9 Warranty: 10 years