Pvc roof tiles

AHM company is the exclusive agent for major European factories We have the Turkish plastic bricks brand Junnarit available When you buy PVC from our company,

Warranty : 10-year

Distance : 1.04/5.91

Distance .88 /5.91

Thickness : 3mm \ 2mm

What is a plastic tile? Plastic tile panels are one of the basic requirements in modern construction.

It is installed to cover all types of ceilings. It is not only a decorative layer, but on the contrary, it protects homes from high temperatures and weather factors that cause some cracks to appear in structures and rooftops. Therefore, the necessary precautions and layers of safety and protection must be taken in order to protect the surfaces from direct sunlight.

Plastic tiles are an excellent type of sun protection that provides a high degree of safety and protection for the roofs of homes Advantages of plastic tile Easy to clean . Shatter-resistant. Resistant to fire due to the property of self-extinguishing. It does not corrode or change color from the sun.

What are the uses of bricks? Plastic? rooftops garden umbrellas Cafe umbrellas restaurant umbrellas car awnings garage awnings hanger Factories Stores train stations waiting stations petrol stations If you need a large amount of plastic tile panels that are enough for you to cover your entire project, we provide you with the full quantity after contracting directly We offer facilities when contracting and receiving with after-sales service.

We have engineers and technicians who install the plastic tiles if we choose to install. Providing all technical advice for installation work.

What is the method of installing the plastic tile? The plastic tile is easily installed on light structures, where it is installed on a chassis of wood, aluminum or iron, then plastic tile panels are installed on it and fixed with screws, then a cover is placed on the screw to prevent Plastic tile specifications