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ستاندج سيم سيستم

Standing seam metal roofing panels are a product family of metal roofing. In the purest form, they are panels with male and female legs that are engaged and installed with clips to the roofing substructure. As panel options have grown however, it is common to see clipless panels included in this product family as well. Regardless of the attachment method, it can consistently be maintained that standing seam panels do not use exposed fasteners in the plane of the panel during panel installation. Depending on project specifics, exposed fasteners may or may not be utilized for trim applications. A.H.M Group offers standing seam systems that can be curved on the job site, lowering transportation costs and ensuring a proper fit. Standing seam systems are used for a wide range of applications and projects. These systems feature interlocking seams that connect panels, giving the roof a distinct, and attractive, appearance. Furthermore, standing seam systems are manufactured from high-end steel or aluminum offering years of low-maintenance service life. A.H.M Group standing seam systems are durable and weathertight, making them ideal for most any application


سوفت بانل

Soffit panel is a hidden fastened soffit and wall panel most commonly used
on commercial applications.
Soffit panel can be installed over open framing or solid decking.
Soffit panel is a premium grade soffit designed for any type of exterior roof or
porch roof. Soffit steel construction is made of heavy-duty 24-gauge steel,
protected by layers of zinc and aluminum. Covering widths of each are 12 inches,
lengths are made to order in lengths from 3 inches to 35 inches.

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