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Product Description

Newlux Polycarbonate Our company offers its customers Neolux from the finest international brands, the Polynet brand

What is NeoLux / NewLux It is a self-contained polycarbonate system because it is flexible and varied in its use and does not need any accessories. There is a duct in each panel that is installed with the other in an overlapping manner.

It is an anti-bacterial product that is distinguished from others in terms of providing a range of practical solutions and an attractive aesthetic appearance. Advantages of Neolux polycarbonate systems Weather resistant Doesn't need any accessories High light transmittance It consists of four layers Fire-resistant Ceilings and walls are installed Its price is cheaper than other similar systems Neolux polycarbonate system uses pergolas Shades car park celestial domes food stores drug stores Air-conditioned malls Corporate Bishop Factory ceilings garage awnings store ceilings Bishop of the Hangar Bishop of restaurants bank bishop Hospital bishop The roof of administrative buildings Swimming pool ceilings Airport lounge ceilings How to install neolux polycarbonate Polycarbonate systems,

not polycarbonate sheets, do not need accessories and are installed in an easy way, and there is a duct in each panel.

Neolux colors (transparent - blue - honey - red - gray - milky white)

Neolux: polinet

Dimensions: 25cm x 6m

Thickness: 16 mm

Layers: 4 Warranty: 10 years