• solid polycarbonate sheets
  • solid polycarbonate sheets


Product Description

Macrolux solid polycarbonate sheets Described as transparency and purity It has a high resistance to shock,

polycam Turki : Dimensions: 2.05 x 6 Thickness: 2 \ 2.50 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6

Swiss : Dimensions: 2.05×3 Thickness: 8mm/10mm

Available polycarbonate sheets are manufactured by industry experts - using high quality materials and advanced machining

Features of Macrolux solid polycarbonate sheets

* Vulnerable to climate change.

* Light weight compared to glass.

* High transparency of external light in relation to transparent panels.

The degree of transparency is up to 88%.

* Ease of installation and flexibility.

* Resistant to combustion and does not help in ignition according to international specifications and standards.

*Can be directly printed for decorative planetariums and for various applications.

* Resistant to fracture as it withstands high pressures and strong shocks, depending on the thickness.

* Covered with an insulating layer (UV) for ultraviolet rays on both sides and provides a measure of lighting and electricity.

* It is used as an alternative to glass in banks, money transfer cars, and many interfaces that are exposed to shocks.

The solid polycarbonate product is used so that it is inserted and installed with frames, window frames, doors or square openings with protection screens with picture frames, used as protection shields with security Pull doors, traction doors - facing the sun and allowing its passage, such as villas, commercial mall doors, bank doors, wall or barrier Noise on highways, which protects residents from road, car, railway and industrial noise sources Handrails and decorative fences Handrails for escalators in commercial malls, fences and handrails for balconies, rooftop fences Awnings, railings, awnings and pergolas

Macrolux rigid panels are an ideal solution in areas of applications where impact resistance, excellent light transmittance and light transmittance are in a variety of transparent and light-resistant colors

Among its most important features: Shock resistance The mechanical properties of polycarbonate make techno polymer highly resistant to shocks and allow it to provide optimal protection against sudden damage and damage related to the climate. These distinctive qualities mean that polycarbonate deservedly surpasses other materials such as glass, acrylic or LPA T. It is generally used in uses and applications where transparency is a key requirement, withstand shocks and remain stable over a wide range of temperatures

Protection from ultraviolet rays Allocating a protective layer that absorbs ultraviolet rays on the surface that prevents polycarbonate from absorbing ultraviolet rays that may lead either to a rapid breakdown of its molecular structure and reduce its quality or be responsible for successive yellowing and weakening the strength of the exposed surface

Warranty: It is guaranteed for ten years against yellowing, loss of light transmittance, damage caused by rain Light transmittance and passage of light Adequate lighting design is a main reason to confirm the reception of the building from the inside the required amount of light, so it is necessary to use panels with sufficient light interference through them with similarity in the same characteristics Glass in terms of adequate and adequate light-traffic, the Macrolux series of solid products are additionally customized and suitable for a wide range of uses, with a series of color options for your choice of preference.