• corrugated polycarbonate sheets
  • corrugated polycarbonate sheets
  • corrugated polycarbonate sheets


Product Description

Macrolux Roof Light Boards : They are single-layer polycarbonate sheets that are used as lighting glasses and help provide appropriate lighting
During the day, saving electricity, and it is easy to install. It is installed on iron chassis with screws
After opening the space required to make the freshness of lighting, it is used to pass the light, thus saving electricity
In factories, hangars, and warehouses, it is used with corrugated iron

It is generally used in uses and applications where transparency is a key requirement, withstand shocks and remain stable over a wide range of temperatures : protection from ultraviolet rays Allocating a UV-absorbing protection layer on the surface prevents polycarbonate from absorbing ultraviolet rays, which may either lead to a rapid breakdown of its molecular structure and reduce its quality, or be responsible for successive yellowing and weakening the strength of the exposed surface.

A UV protection layer is present on the surfaces using distribution technology. The duo, by which a regular double protection layer is found to block the polycarbonate from the ultraviolet element present in the sun's rays. :Security The panels with a layer of protection against ultraviolet rays are guaranteed for ten years against (yellowing, loss of light transmittance, damage caused by rain) : thermal expansion It is a characteristic of materials with the ability to change in size when the temperature rises.

This expansion was measured and determined through a mathematical coefficient that in the case of polycarbonate is equal to 0.065 mm/m °C The truth is that the value of this mathematical coefficient is much higher than the values ​​associated with the materials used for roof coverings, window frames and door rings - such as aluminum, iron, etc., which causes the need for solutions that compensate for this difference in thermal expansion, so it needs to be included and taken into account in the design stage and in Whole building applications : transmittance and passage of light Adequate lighting design is a main reason to confirm the reception of the building from the inside the required amount of light, so it is necessary to use panels with sufficient light input through which the Macrolux Rooflight product range gives you several choices at the design stage of your project with a series of color choices to meet all your needs

Corrugated polycarbonate sheets:

Dimensions: 1m x 6m / 1m x 3.60m

Thickness: Swiss: 0.8 mm / 1 mm

Italian: 0.9 mm / 1.1 mm