space frame systems

The method of installing 3D metallic vacuum structures systems: It is built by connecting (metal cylindrical sticks) to each other through a point of use (the central solid ball). Manufacturing is done in the factory and assembly is done at the installation site) and those sticks are connected to the (central hard ball).

And because these space truss systems are a three-dimensional structure, it is employed in two directions, in cases of large distances, it provides economic solutions.

It offers flexibility in the choice of installation locations, and allows the freedom to choose multiple shapes and geometric spaces The design, production and installation process takes place in a short period of time, as the components of this vacuum truss system are prefabricated and manufactured from composite parts.

Ease of transmission and transportation over long distances due to the fact that the components of this vacuum truss system are prefabricated and manufactured from composite parts Lighter than ordinary iron and steel, so it offers economic value in the initial costs.

Other benefits of the 3D metal space frame: light weight Decorative view and economical savings Weightlifting with 3D performance High cohesion strength Ease of construction and installation Saves construction time and cost Services (such as lighting and air conditioning) integrated with the three-dimensional vacuum metal structure It gives the architectural designer the freedom to frame the building and make the layout and divisions of the covered space Materials characterized by durability, endurance, rigidity and safety, ensuring a safe decorative appearance

Its uses: Covering large areas such as: Sports stadium - exhibitions - halls and theaters - airport halls - aircraft hangers - workshops - warehouses Shopping centers - training halls Olympic centers, factories, warehouses, swimming pools, aircraft hangers, theaters, exhibitions, conference halls, crossings and superstructures, petrol stations, reception halls in hotels with glass ceilings, exhibition stands, tennis and football courts, bus stations, markets Rust and corrosion resistance: Body parts are cleaned of rust or oil stains By mechanical and chemical methods,

then it is painted and painted using: Electrostatic powder, and by galvanizing process at high temperature assembly: The frame is assembled on the ground and then lifted by a winch The structure is assembled in place by scaffolding Some parts of the structure are brought to the ground and erected at the end by a winch and lifted assembled into the air