Upvc sheets

AHM Company offers UPVC corrugated panels from the brand Junnarit

Warranty for 10 years against manufacturing defects

Dimensions: 90cm x 12m

Thickness: 3mm/2.50mm

AHM can provide products from Junarit brand UPVC corrugated panels with three layers manufactured according to international industry standards and specifications.

The extent of its quality, durability and durability Due to its light weight, our product of panels - UPVC juunarit - is widely used in several diverse industries The most important specifications of the panels of the product - UPVC juunarit-

for coverings and cladding: Average useful life is about 50 years, colors are stable and do not change for a range of up to twenty years, ISO 9001: 2008 range of use for this product ranges from (5- to 60 degrees Celsius Product Uses: UPVC juunarit panels product - is an optimal choice for covering and cladding in civil and industrial architecture due to the efficiency and benefits it provides It can be employed in several uses such as: hangars, trusses and buildings in commercial places - and residential places.

Industrial places: factory buildings, iron structures of factories, industrial workshops, stores, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, especially places of use (acidic, alkaline and caustic substances that cause corrosion) Melting places Metals - pottery and porcelain workshops - soy sauce factories - ink and printing workshops, organic solvent factories, duplex design houses and villas, schools, universities, hotels and resorts…..

Car garage roofs, commercial markets - shopping markets and stores: Covering market corridors - shaded lanes in Roads, gardens and parking lots - entrance to the store.

Agricultural companies: farms, poultry and horse farms - markets for agricultural crops, vegetables and fruits Security booths, recreational cottages in resorts, buildings, roofs, bicycle parking, outdoor unit coverage - pitched roof duplexes - multi-slope Product Also suitable for balconies, hangers and trusses equipped for thermal insulation, as well as suitable for use with places and walls provided with heat insulating materials, used in Road advertising banners, mounted on trusses used in solar collectors.

Characteristics and Specifications of UPVC juunarit: Accuracy of panel dimensions, smoothness of panel edges, surface color of the product lasting up to twenty years, and average useful life of up to 50 years, light weight, large unit size makes it easier to install, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion, resists chemical corrosion and rust, and its lifespan The default is three times longer than zinc plates.

Impact resistance, durability, toughness and hardness of breakage. Withstand climatic changes and the stability of the space of the panel even with the change of temperature.

The element of UV resistance added to these panels resists the damages of ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere. Resistant to water when falling on it, such as rain and others. Low flammability, retardant to ignition, non-flammable, because it is listed in the oxygen serial table to measure the ability of materials to burn with a value equal to or greater than 32. It is non-combustible. The ability to insulate heat and sound. Low noise, when it rains, and the sounds are 30 decibels lower than the outer surface.

Environmentally friendly: does not contain asbestos or any carcinogens. Aesthetically, it has a variety of colors such as blue and white.