• Macrolux® Hollow polycarbonate sheets
  • Macrolux® Hollow polycarbonate sheets


Product Description

Hollow Polycarbonate Sheets - Multi-Layer The multi-layer panels feature a UV-protected surface to protect it from exposure to the harmful effects of the sun's rays. This protection allows the panels to maintain their original degree of transparency and impact resistance properties - during their life span it is easy to know which side is protected from UV rays, as it has a colored outer layer on it for the logo of our range of products and with a dried seal on the outer layer of the panel is characterized by light weight and high efficiency and works It has to isolate heat at the same time, and it is transparent, saves electricity, and has multiple colors

The high confidence in our product makes the multi-layer hollow panels “Macrolux” suitable for all purposes and uses: such as arched and flat ceilings, installations auxiliary in insulation, stands used in partitions and partitions in decoration, binding of lit stands with colored polycarbonate sheets used in exhibitions, binding and cladding of rooms and houses overlooking gardens and greenhouses Or greenhouses, ceilings facing the sky, such as domes or planetariums, whether in installations and buildings, or on tent chassis, pergolas, awnings and screens, ceilings of airport halls, covered corridors, parking stations, car parks, the parking lot of commercial malls

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets Multi-Layer - Macrolux is a product made with advanced industrial methods, its multi-layer structure allows it to meet all requirements for excellent performance and the possibility of good utilization of its uses, with shapes and structures Variety of panels.

Macrolux panels are at the forefront of leadership in terms of efficiency, energy savings, structural and structural properties. Among its most important features: Shock resistance The mechanical properties of polycarbonate make technopolymer highly resistant to shocks and allow it to provide optimal protection against sudden damage and damage related to the climate.

These distinctive qualities mean that polycarbonate deservedly surpasses other materials such as glass, acrylic or LP It. It is generally used in uses and applications where transparency is a key requirement, withstand shocks and remain stable over a wide range of temperatures

UV protection: Dedicating a UV-absorbing protective layer on the surface prevents polycarbonate from absorbing ultraviolet rays, which may either lead to a rapid breakdown of its molecular structure and reduce its quality or be responsible for successive yellowing and weakening of the strength of the exposed surface. UV protection layer It is present on the surfaces using the dual distribution technology, by which a regular double protection layer is found to block the polycarbonate from the ultraviolet element present in the sun's rays.

Warranty: The panels with a layer of protection from ultraviolet rays - with a guarantee of ten years against - yellowing, loss of light transmittance, damage caused by rain Bending radius: Macrolux multi-layer hollow panels - they can be folded and bent without heat into curved shapes, eliminating the need for pre-heat treatment, and providing the value of the static load that the panel can bear.

This gives freedom of design and perfect organization in building uses that Requires bent panels such as cupolas or cupolas, vaults or cupboards, awnings, mounds, awnings, pergolas, etc. Heat-free bending can be done on the basis of the lowest radius which varies depending on the thickness and structure of the slab used.

Thermal conductivity: Despite appearing the same as glass, Macrolux multilayer hollow sheets have high heat conduction values. In order to reduce hot air-conditioning costs - while reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere - international standards require both building materials, distribution systems, windows and lighting windows in the walls or ceilings to meet the requirements of precisely regulated thermal conductivity with the wide range of multi-layer Hollow Macrolux polycarbonate sheets, Coscon is the The leader in supporting its customers with the most innovative and most appropriate solutions for them, while working with modern standards and standards. : Transmittance and Light Passage Adequate lighting design is a main reason to ensure the reception of the building from the inside the required amount of light, so it is necessary to use panels with sufficient light through which a group of products - Macrolux multi-layer hollow panels - gives you several choices at the design stage of your project with a series of color choices to meet all your needs

Hollow polycarbonate sheets: Turki polycam

Dimensions: 2.10m x 6m

Two layers: 6 mm

The 4 layers: 10mm

Swiss : 10mm \ 16mm