About Us

A.H.M. is an exclusive agent and distributor for many Swiss, Turkish and European factories in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa in the field of ceilings, cladding, insulators, planetariums and space frame systems. Our main products are: All types of polycarbonate panels and systems, aluminum cladding panels, UPVC panels, the best alternative to corrugated iron, PVC panels, plastic tiles, the best alternative to pottery tiles, solar panels, and standing sim systems.


 our customers satisfaction is our aim

AHM vision is to Submit the best products in roofing field & metal industries with the best and finest international raw materials and innovative decorative designs.


Full-Service Facility Uniqueness of our materials Long-term relationship of trust Wide range of materials and technologies Earn the confidence of clients Standing at the top Best Cooperation New concepts & Applications

Our Team

AHM Group owns a distinguished group of departments with a high degree of excellence and professionalism required in the labor market and this is what distinguishes it from the rest of its competitors in the Egyptian market.


Our company has Ten Years Plus of business experience and during those years, has been part of construction ventures for several well-known companies.