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A.H.M Company for Trade and Supplies

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A.H.M for Trade & Supplies: Agent and exclusive distributor for many international brands and European factories in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, in the field of ceilings, cladding, insulated, domes, skylights and space frame systems.

A.H,M Industry: Using the latest German technology in the Egyptian industry, it has a complete production line for flats and an automatic grouting line for sheet and aluminum stand-up systems, producing UPVC rockwool sandwich panels, and manufacturing all types of metal structures.

A.H.M Engineering and Contracting: It has an integrated engineering department and a distinguished work team to complete and implement all specialized projects with the highest standards of quality and safety, according to the specified schedules.

Our main products: All types of polycarbonate panels and systems, aluminum cladding panels, UPVC panels, the best alternative to corrugated iron, PVC panels, the best alternative to pottery tiles, rock wool, and standing seam systems.


 our customers satisfaction is our aim

AHM vision is to Submit the best products in roofing field & metal industries with the best and finest international raw materials and innovative decorative designs.

Our Team

Full-Service Facility Uniqueness of our materials Long-term relationship of trust Wide range of materials and technologies Earn the confidence of clients Standing at the top Best Cooperation New concepts & Applications



space frame systems

The method of installing 3D metallic vacuum structures systems: It is built by connecting (metal cylindrical sticks) to each other through a point of use (the central solid ball). Manufacturing is done in the factory and assembly is done at the installation site) and those sticks are connected to the (central hard ball).

And because these space truss systems are a three-dimensional structure, it is employed in two directions, in cases of large distances, it provides economic solutions.

It offers flexibility in the choice of installation locations, and allows the freedom to choose multiple shapes and geometric spaces The design, production and installation process takes place in a short period of time, as the components of this vacuum truss system are prefabricated and manufactured from composite parts.

Ease of transmission and transportation over long distances due to the fact that the components of this vacuum truss system are prefabricated and manufactured from composite parts Lighter than ordinary iron and steel, so it offers economic value in the initial costs.

Other benefits of the 3D metal space frame: light weight Decorative view and economical savings Weightlifting with 3D performance High cohesion strength Ease of construction and installation Saves construction time and cost Services (such as lighting and air conditioning) integrated with the three-dimensional vacuum metal structure It gives the architectural designer the freedom to frame the building and make the layout and divisions of the covered space Materials characterized by durability, endurance, rigidity and safety, ensuring a safe decorative appearance

Its uses: Covering large areas such as: Sports stadium - exhibitions - halls and theaters - airport halls - aircraft hangers - workshops - warehouses Shopping centers - training halls Olympic centers, factories, warehouses, swimming pools, aircraft hangers, theaters, exhibitions, conference halls, crossings and superstructures, petrol stations, reception halls in hotels with glass ceilings, exhibition stands, tennis and football courts, bus stations, markets Rust and corrosion resistance: Body parts are cleaned of rust or oil stains By mechanical and chemical methods,

then it is painted and painted using: Electrostatic powder, and by galvanizing process at high temperature assembly: The frame is assembled on the ground and then lifted by a winch The structure is assembled in place by scaffolding Some parts of the structure are brought to the ground and erected at the end by a winch and lifted assembled into the air


Megalux system

MegaLux polycarbonate panels : Megalux polycarbonate strip is a system Integrated click without using any holes for screws In panels, including accessories, including sectors Snap-on covering and accumulating blame Together from the top that gives a tight locking of the panels 100% dust or water repellent added For the UL sector to seal the ends and beginnings of the walls with panels To resist the entry of the following within the five layers

MegaLux system :

Dimensions: 60cm x 12m

Thickness: 10 mm

Layers: 5

Brand: polinet Warranty: 10 years


Grecalux system

GrecaLux system : It is a 3-layer polycarbonate sheet that is installed with the sandwich panel. It is considered the economical solution.
To obtain good thermal insulation and good light permeability, one of its advantages is also to save electricity
Because of the transparency that reaches 75% and it works as a thermal insulator.

GrecaLux system's form as isosceles trapezoids provides the properties of high load resistance and thermal insulation,which makes GrecaLux polycarbonate panels capable of fulfilling requirements of any project. Through the wing and general structure

GrecaLux polycarbonate panels can be assembled with nearly all types of insulation panels. In addition,GrecaLux polycarbonate panels can be mounted on each other in the horizontal direction through the same structure, and wide lighting areas on sloped roofs and walls can be covered very easily and safely.

Grecalox system: polinet

Dimensions: 1m x 12m

Thickness: 8mm/10mm

Layers: 3 Warranty: 10 years


Thermolux system

thermolux polycarbonate system : .Polycarbonate Thermolux 6 Layers Designer Cutters To provide lighting for industrial and commercial uses
And entertainment with all kinds of sandwich panels in The facades, ceilings, and walls seemed like windows and preserved temperatures as it provides better thermal insulation and protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun The increasing demand for high performance products led to a significant improvement of multiwall polycarbonate sheets.

ThermoLux is a new polycarbonate sheet The very high mechanical durability and excellent thermal insulation of the 6-wall structure of ThermoLux provide cost effective solutions.

ThermoLux polycarbonate panels have UV protection by the production method of co-extrusion.

The whole ThermoLux polycarbonate panel series o ffer high light transmission and are variable for di fferent color alternatives.

Thermolux system: polinet

Dimensions: 1m x 12m

Thickness: 40mm

Layers: 6 Warranty: 10 years


Standing seam roof system

Standing seam metal roofing panels are a product family of metal roofing. In the purest form, they are panels with male and female legs that are engaged and installed with clips to the roofing substructure. As panel options have grown however, it is common to see clipless panels included in this product family as well. Regardless of the attachment method, it can consistently be maintained that standing seam panels do not use exposed fasteners in the plane of the panel during panel installation. Depending on project specifics, exposed fasteners may or may not be utilized for trim applications. A.H.M Group offers standing seam systems that can be curved on the job site, lowering transportation costs and ensuring a proper fit. Standing seam systems are used for a wide range of applications and projects. These systems feature interlocking seams that connect panels, giving the roof a distinct, and attractive, appearance. Furthermore, standing seam systems are manufactured from high-end steel or aluminum offering years of low-maintenance service life. A.H.M Group standing seam systems are durable and weathertight, making them ideal for most any application


corrugated polycarbonate sheets

Macrolux Roof Light Boards : They are single-layer polycarbonate sheets that are used as lighting glasses and help provide appropriate lighting
During the day, saving electricity, and it is easy to install. It is installed on iron chassis with screws
After opening the space required to make the freshness of lighting, it is used to pass the light, thus saving electricity
In factories, hangars, and warehouses, it is used with corrugated iron

It is generally used in uses and applications where transparency is a key requirement, withstand shocks and remain stable over a wide range of temperatures : protection from ultraviolet rays Allocating a UV-absorbing protection layer on the surface prevents polycarbonate from absorbing ultraviolet rays, which may either lead to a rapid breakdown of its molecular structure and reduce its quality, or be responsible for successive yellowing and weakening the strength of the exposed surface.

A UV protection layer is present on the surfaces using distribution technology. The duo, by which a regular double protection layer is found to block the polycarbonate from the ultraviolet element present in the sun's rays. :Security The panels with a layer of protection against ultraviolet rays are guaranteed for ten years against (yellowing, loss of light transmittance, damage caused by rain) : thermal expansion It is a characteristic of materials with the ability to change in size when the temperature rises.

This expansion was measured and determined through a mathematical coefficient that in the case of polycarbonate is equal to 0.065 mm/m °C The truth is that the value of this mathematical coefficient is much higher than the values ​​associated with the materials used for roof coverings, window frames and door rings - such as aluminum, iron, etc., which causes the need for solutions that compensate for this difference in thermal expansion, so it needs to be included and taken into account in the design stage and in Whole building applications : transmittance and passage of light Adequate lighting design is a main reason to confirm the reception of the building from the inside the required amount of light, so it is necessary to use panels with sufficient light input through which the Macrolux Rooflight product range gives you several choices at the design stage of your project with a series of color choices to meet all your needs

Corrugated polycarbonate sheets:

Dimensions: 1m x 6m / 1m x 3.60m

Thickness: Swiss: 0.8 mm / 1 mm

Italian: 0.9 mm / 1.1 mm


Sandwich Panels ROCKWOOL

A.H.M. Industry is unique in producing and manufacturing rockwool sandwich panels in its factory in the Arab Republic of Egypt. And it chose that the insulation material should be rock wool for its many advantages, being a stronger sound insulator, a stronger heat insulator, fire resistance, and multiple densities of rock wool. It was even distinguished in the presentation of many and many choices on both sides of the packaging with different materials, different thicknesses and different colors for the same sandwich panel according to the client’s desires and the client’s budget

A.H.M Industries manufactures and produces Gunnar sandwich panels. With the following options:-

1- Stainless on both sides » of all available thicknesses 

2- Sheets on both sides 

of all available thicknesses 

3- PVC decorative on both sides » of all available thicknesses 

4- Aluminum on both sides » of all available thicknesses 

5- Wood on both sides » of all available thicknesses 

6- Gypsum boards on both sides » of all available thicknesses.

7 - UPVC panels on both sides of all available thicknesses. Any of the above can also be manufactured from one side and the other side is raw Different such as iron, stainless steel, PVC, etc


Fire Rated Metal Doors

A.H.M Manufactures  Fire Rated Metal Doors

Fire Rated Roors:

It is a metal door that contains two layers of iron between them and an insulating material (rock wool) and is designed in a way that prevents the transmission of smoke and flames and bears heat

Fire-resistant in order to effectively prevent the spread of fire and smoke, it is also equipped with door hinge for easy exit process.

Door Design:

Available in different models and different sizes upon request, available in more than one type


Doors Specifications:

  We maintain all specifications of fire-resistant doors from the specifications of the insulating layer and all technical specifications

Painting the doors: the doors are painted with electrostatic oven and according to the international RAL


We install fire doors, which are carried out by a group of technicians and specialists to ensure that safety and security standards are verified and all specifications are maintained

Certificates: Our doors are fire-resistant for a period ranging from (30 to 120 minutes) according to the tests approved by the Institute of Studies and Research

Door features:

Our doors are characterized by (balance - immunity - thermal insulation) in addition to that our armored doors consist of many layers and the outer layer or shell in most of our doors is made of laminated sheet, while the filling is made of sound-proof rock wool that guarantees our customers safety and protection.

Our motto: Safety, Quality and Solidity.



solid polycarbonate sheets

Macrolux solid polycarbonate sheets Described as transparency and purity It has a high resistance to shock,

polycam Turki : Dimensions: 2.05 x 6 Thickness: 2 \ 2.50 \ 3 \ 4 \ 5 \ 6

Swiss : Dimensions: 2.05×3 Thickness: 8mm/10mm

Available polycarbonate sheets are manufactured by industry experts - using high quality materials and advanced machining

Features of Macrolux solid polycarbonate sheets

* Vulnerable to climate change.

* Light weight compared to glass.

* High transparency of external light in relation to transparent panels.

The degree of transparency is up to 88%.

* Ease of installation and flexibility.

* Resistant to combustion and does not help in ignition according to international specifications and standards.

*Can be directly printed for decorative planetariums and for various applications.

* Resistant to fracture as it withstands high pressures and strong shocks, depending on the thickness.

* Covered with an insulating layer (UV) for ultraviolet rays on both sides and provides a measure of lighting and electricity.

* It is used as an alternative to glass in banks, money transfer cars, and many interfaces that are exposed to shocks.

The solid polycarbonate product is used so that it is inserted and installed with frames, window frames, doors or square openings with protection screens with picture frames, used as protection shields with security Pull doors, traction doors - facing the sun and allowing its passage, such as villas, commercial mall doors, bank doors, wall or barrier Noise on highways, which protects residents from road, car, railway and industrial noise sources Handrails and decorative fences Handrails for escalators in commercial malls, fences and handrails for balconies, rooftop fences Awnings, railings, awnings and pergolas

Macrolux rigid panels are an ideal solution in areas of applications where impact resistance, excellent light transmittance and light transmittance are in a variety of transparent and light-resistant colors

Among its most important features: Shock resistance The mechanical properties of polycarbonate make techno polymer highly resistant to shocks and allow it to provide optimal protection against sudden damage and damage related to the climate. These distinctive qualities mean that polycarbonate deservedly surpasses other materials such as glass, acrylic or LPA T. It is generally used in uses and applications where transparency is a key requirement, withstand shocks and remain stable over a wide range of temperatures

Protection from ultraviolet rays Allocating a protective layer that absorbs ultraviolet rays on the surface that prevents polycarbonate from absorbing ultraviolet rays that may lead either to a rapid breakdown of its molecular structure and reduce its quality or be responsible for successive yellowing and weakening the strength of the exposed surface

Warranty: It is guaranteed for ten years against yellowing, loss of light transmittance, damage caused by rain Light transmittance and passage of light Adequate lighting design is a main reason to confirm the reception of the building from the inside the required amount of light, so it is necessary to use panels with sufficient light interference through them with similarity in the same characteristics Glass in terms of adequate and adequate light-traffic, the Macrolux series of solid products are additionally customized and suitable for a wide range of uses, with a series of color options for your choice of preference.




Offer you the best products at the best prices

A.H.M. is an exclusive agent and distributor for many Swiss, Turkish and European factories in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa in the field of ceilings, cladding, insulators, planetariums and space frame systems

All our products are of High Quality and have a Real guarantee

All our products are European industries "Swiss, Turkish and Italy" and have a guarantee of 10 years. During those years, our company is a partner for you and with you, we follow the product and the project in all its details and provide you with information and an idea.

We recommend and describe the right product for your project

In the event of not knowing the appropriate product for the project, we have a distinguished group of departments with a high degree of excellence and professionalism required in the labor market and this is what distinguishes them from the rest of our competitors in the Egyptian market

You can control the entire budget of your Project

We have many options, many of the products that we offer to you, as we have the best European agencies in the industrial field and specialized works

Being A.H.M Group Is Three Companies.

1- A.H.M for products. 2- A.H.M. for manufacturing. 3- A.H.M. for engineering and industrial contracting.


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